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Children Summer Camps
5-12 years old

1. Boot Camp: Basics

Learn to punch, kick, attack, defend... like a Kung Fu panda! In this camp, students will master the basic Kung Fu hand techniques, kicking drills, jumps, stances, and footwork. They will learn the Kung Fu style of coordinating their hands, eyes, body, and stances. Students will perform the basic Kung Fu form, and watch the ever-popular movie, "Kung Fu Panda!"

2. Guard Camp: Nunchaku Weapon

Want to learn to use Bruce Li's famous nunchaku weapon? Come to our Guard Camp and study attack and defend techniques, basic nunchaku drills, and perform the Nunchaku Weapon form. Watch the Nunchaku movie -- super fun!

3. Soldier Camp: Sword Weapon

The sword is known as the queen of weapons because it is swift and explosive, yet graceful. Chinese folklore tells us the sword is really a flying phoenix! In this camp, students will learn to thrust, slice, cut, intercept, and block with the metal sword. They will understand what it feels like to be a heroic soldier!

4. Warrior Camp: Staff Weapon

One inch longer, one inch stronger. As the most widely-used long weapon, the staff is characterized by its strength, courage, sturdiness, and abilities dart like the rabbit, pounce like a tiger, and howl like the wind. In this camp, students will study how to use this long weapon, and even how to fight each other. Big challenges!

Session dates

June 24-28
July 8-12
July 15-19
Boot Camp
Guard Camp
Soldier Camp

Daily 9:00AM to 3:00PM

9:00 am
Drop off
Chinese culture activity
Snack break
Warm-up game
Kung Fu class
Free time
Kung Fu practice
Education Kung Fu video

2:45pm - 3:00pm Pick up

3:00pm - 5:00pm Extended hours

Training Schedule

Monday Training in studio
Tuesday Training in studio
Wednesday Kung Fu in park (weather permitting)
Thursday Field trip
Friday Toy Sharing Day & Performance Day

Note: one field trip included per camp (Movie Day - Cinemark Century Theatre)


$330 per Camp
Members receive $20 discount
Early bird registration (by 3/15/2024) receive $20 discount
Extended hour $15/day

Students of California Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute performaing in the 2006 Foster City Art and Wine Festival

California Kung Fu and Tai Chi Institute Student Belt Testing

Group performance of California Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute

Students of California Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute performaing Long Fist

Students of California Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute performaing Tai Chi Fan

Students of California Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute performaing Staff Fighting