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Master Li's Biography

Master Zhi Zhuo Li is a renowned athlete, judge and coach of Chinese Martial Arts.

Born in Hunan provice, China, Mr. Li started systematic training of Chinese Martial Arts at the age of eight. He earned his Bachelor degree of Chinese Martial Arts from Beijing University of Physical Education in 1990 and Master degree of Chinese Martial Arts from ShangeHai Institute of Physical Education in 1993. He is the only person with a Master degree in Chinese Martial Arts in the United States.

As an athlete, he to date has won 12 gold medals in various events in a series of competitions in China, Australia and the USA.

As a judge, he has taken part in a large number of tournaments in China, Australia and the USA.

As a coach, he trained the Guangdong university team that over the past ten years has achieved six gold medals in various events in national tournaments in China. In addition, he has trained athletes to successfully participate in international tournaments on behalf of Australia as well as the USA from 1999 to 2005.

As a scholar, he has published a number of academic papers about teaching, coaching and culture. Furthermore, he was invited to author textbook of Chinese Martial Arts by the Chinese Higher Education Committee in 1996 and 2000. This textbook is currently used by a majority of the universities in China.

To highlight his career as an athlete and judge, he was awared first class athlete in 1989 and recognized as National certified judge in 1993 by the Chinese Sports Committee. In 2001 he received 6th Black Belt (Duan) of Chinese Martial Arts awarded by International Wushu Federation.

Based on his excellent sports abilities as well as his brilliant academic performance, Master Li immigrated to Australia as a Sports Specialist in 1999. He taught and instructed Chinese Martial Arts in university and Australian Kung Fu & Tai Chi Association and served as head judge in a number of Chinese Martial Arts tournaments in Australia. In recognition of Master Li's contributions, he was made an honorary member of the Kung Fu & Wushu Committee of Australia, Sydney.

In 2002, he was invited to visit the United States and has been teaching and coaching at the various Chinese Martial Arts schools since then. Master Li is good at adjusting his teaching and instruction to diverse learning needs and style among his students. He integrated Chinese Martial Arts training into behaviour transformation, health promotion and sports competition. Under his tutelage, most of the young students made the different degree progress in their concentration, discipline and confidence. Many of his students competed and won top places in Chinese Martial Arts state, national and international level tournaments .

Master Li's teaching promotes both physical and spiritual growth in his students by way of both external and internal martial arts styles. To that end, his goal is to increase his students' understanding in the value of the Chinese Martial Arts and further their learning in the Chinese tradition and culture.
Students of California Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute performaing in the 2006 Foster City Art and Wine Festival

California Kung Fu and Tai Chi Institute Student Belt Testing

Group performance of California Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute

Students of California Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute performaing Long Fist

Students of California Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute performaing Tai Chi Fan

Students of California Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute performaing Staff Fighting